Nature gave them teeth and claws, man gave them guns. Three prototype animal soldiers escape from their human masters and begin a desperate race for freedom pursued by the might of the U.S. military.


We3 issue 1 is released in August 2004.





Writer - Grant Morrison


Artist - Frank Quitely


This unlikely father of three is a long-haired child of the universe, with a heart full of love and a bowel full of good wholesome food. Free as the wind, barefooted like the big Masai warrior, Quitely trips lightly over the Zebra crossings and village greens of Rutherglen, Scotland second most psychedelic borough!  Acclaimed artist on MISSIONARY MAN, 20/20 VISIONS and  SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS, Quitely has previously collaborated with GM on FLEX MENTALLO, MAN OF MUSCLE MYSTERY, JLA: EARTH 2, THE INVISIBLES and NEW X-MEN.


Colorist - Jamie Grant


Love soft as an easy chair, love wetter than otter’s hair…where would we be without it? Jamie Grant kens weel and he also colors We3.  His noble ancestry includes Jack the Giant Killer, Boromir out Lord of The Rings and Samson.  He is also the founder and King Daddy of Weedstorm Studios and publisher of NORTHERN LIGHTZ magazine.



 ISSUE 1 - PAGES 6 & 7



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UPDATED : 25/05/2004