Ever felt that you were special but nobody seemed to care?  Well, Seaguy feels like you. Trapped in a perfect world where everyone is a hero and nothing matters, Seaguy and his pal Chubby Da Choona embark on a surreal and perilous sea voyage with a sting in its tail.  


SEAGUY issue 1 is on sale now.



Writer - Grant Morrison


Artist - Cameron Stewart


Following the light aircraft crash which took the lives of his beloved guardians, Lord and Lady Severestroke, the infant Cameron Stewart was found alive and raised by a tribe of wild Illustrators, who passed on their drawing, design and layout skills to the tiny monkey-like baby. Upon reaching manhood, Stewart fought for mastery of the studio he called home then made his first trip to man’s world where he got a job drawing comics including THE INVISIBLES and CATWOMAN. He has also collaborated with GM on a 4-page comic adaptation of Mozart’s ‘Cosi Fanni Tutti’, done in the style of a Jerry Springer show, for Scottish Opera.


Colorist - Pete Doherty


Pete Doherty is one of those mysterious men who brings color and laughter to the streets of bleak Northern towns but with a sinster price to pay. This Pied Piper of the Palette, this man who paints the rainbows, will also paint your mind. He will paint your mind. He will paint your mind. He has stared into the jet black eyes of the great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of the kestrel from ‘Kes’ and has worked on JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE and  all kinds of other things you wouldn’t know about.


He is not the author of ‘THE SHOVEL IS MY SCALPEL’, a startling and provocative new approach to neuro-surgery but he will paint your mind.







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UPDATED : 25/05/2004