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Grant Morrison's crack!comicks - the Official site for Grant Morrison comic projects with regular comic news updates and letters column. is the official companion site of



Welcome to where the heartbreaking wet dreams of Mesopotamian deities and the partially-enlightened can sometimes come true but rarely do!

crack!comics - the home of all-new and original comick book stories built from scratch and designed to come off on your hands and all over your mind like a bad memory. Launching in Summer 2002 with the
filth,  Grant Morrison's crack!comics aims to bring weird fun in surreal picture form to the bored, the clever and, above all, the beautiful.
crack!comics is a division of gmWORD, purveyors of memetically-engineered ‘Frankenconcepts’ since 2002. website updates will include rude preview images from the new and featured comic books,  exclusive interviews with the charming  creators of crack!comicks and news of upcoming project release dates.  Following the
filth launch in June 2002, will become self-aware and most probably launch  its warheads at Russia and China.

The site will include previews of upcoming comicks work by Grant Morrison and his collaborators, interviews, comment, weird shit special offers and behind-the-scenes design work. 

Pure and refined. The best creators in the popular comics idiom. The cleanest hit. The ultimate high.

Go on...try some, yeh wee bastard...

It can’t do you any harm...




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UPDATED : 25/05/2004